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Vickie's Story

About 10 years ago I went to visit my dad in florida and he noticed a hump on my upper neck/back and asked what it was. It was unknown to me and I had not gained any weight at that point. He thought it very strange as it was never there before.

A short while afterwards I began gaining 10 pounds each month with no change in my eating habits. I joined Weight Watchers 3 times and followed the program with no success. I might add that I had been through an extreme amount of stress and had a bad blood test result a couple of years prior to this which showed my adrenal glands were very stressed.

About this time also I began feeling as if I could never relax, even to pray, read or watch tv. I had had insomnia pretty severely for a few years.

My daughter who is now a Physician's Assistant had felt I could have Cushings a couple of years ago. I had never heard of it. I did go get a urine test but the results showed I didn't have it. I have had 3 kidney stones during this time but otherwise have been healthy. I have craved cheese and milk products which was very odd since I never even liked cheese in the past.

I now have good reason to believe I may have Cushings. The stress in my life has been more than your usual stress. My daughter recognized this. I also have a very sensitive startle response. I startle extremely easily and wonder if this could be a symptom. I do not have the purplish stretch marks however. I have noticed that my skin pigment on my arms is changing.

I am hopeful about finding a solution to this trial. I have exercised as much as an hour and a half a day ( I love riding my bicycle outdoors) without any loss of weight. I used to be a gymnast and now I weigh 200 lbs. with a 5 foot frame. My leg muscles are very very hard, amazing to my daughter who is very slim, works out each day and still has never had muscles as hard as mine. I do have high blood pressure now but not diabetes. I have charley horses at night and take potassium for it which is not really helping.

I just found your web site today and am very grateful for all of your information!

I forgot to add that I have felt extreme fatigue alos

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