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Vanessa's Story...

2004 - needed to take a year out of my nurse training due to being diagnosed with osteoporosis and inflammatory arthritis. Shortly after my partner found a hump on my neck, which got bigger. Ultrasound done which indicated increased levels of cortisol.

2005 - weight increasing quickly, joint and muscle pain worsening. Dr thought may be cushings and did a 24hr urine test - results were over 200 which was apparently normal so was left at that.

2006 - weight and pain increasing. Constantly ill with varying infections, bruising easily.

2007 - same problems as before however getting worse, hump still there though appears to change in size and shape. Developed severe purple stretch marks very quickly over my stomach, thigs and tops of my arms.

April 26th 2007 - saw dr again about the worsening of above symptons, was referred to see an endo urgently. Recieved appointment for the 22nd May 07

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