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Tracy's Story

Hi, I am Tracy55, 52 years old married 31 years - mom of 2 grown kids (27 + 32 years old) and grandmother of 3 beautiful girls (2-6-8 years old). I am a nurse of 30 + years. I recently had CT Scan and MRI of abdomen to check on my adrenal mass left side (3-4cm).

I was feeling great - always healthy - nothing wrong with me. I was very active. I was a workachololic until the year of 2001 - I went to the hospital ER with uncontrollable vomiting - do not remember much for 5 days later - I was told my gallbladder was removed due to stones and that I had panceatitis.

I have felt terrible ever since and now have so many new things that just makes me feel like I am crazy:

- Because I felt they were not helping me (bloodpressures 195/100 heart rate 126) - In May 2008 I ended up at the emergency room - chest pain - pain on right side upper abdomen, bloodwork show low ptassium. I had an angiogram done - no blockage found. After this I felt I needed to find a primary MD that would listen to me and what was going on . My new primary immediately ordered CT scan and MRI - 2 adrenal mass still there (1 measures 3-4cm) .

My new primary sent me to a new cardiac MD (who put me on HCTZ and Lisinopril for my bloodpressure and put m on Buspar for anxiety). I am already on Verapaminl for racing heart. I have an appointment with a surgeon on 9/23/08 to discuss this adrenal mass. So I am scared - it is hard to know what to do.

When I look at my life these last few years - it makes me feel crazy (I could also add depression to my list - I miss being the person I used to be). I am here for support and gain knowledge

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