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I am 36 years old. I live in New Zealand (most of the time...currently in California working) I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 years old. I was not overweight (just solid as my parents said). I was put on birth control so that I would have periods. Nothing was ever really checked after that.

In 1997 I developed severe aches and pains, they checked for Lupus as my ANAs were out of this world. The only thing they came up with was fibromyalgia. I continueed to try and improve my health. Have always been physically fit. I participated in small triathlons and just always tried to watch my weight (never did much good). Nothing more ever checked till I wanted to concieve.

After much fertility treatment and lasering of the ovaries I became pregnant with my first babyin 2002. Shortly after I developed a thyroid problem. Auto immune thyroiditis ..Hashimotos. Was the reason I had the high ANAS...I guess I will never know. I was put on thyroxine. My energy improved but not much else. Baby no 2 came in 2004 after the same treatment. I have struggled to lose weight since. Have done 2 more triathlons at 180 pounds (not a pretty sight). Since late 2006 till now I have suspected there might be something else going on.

Until I return to New Zealand in May I cannot get further tests done as it will bankcrupt me here in the USA. Major medical policies do not cover this sort of thing. My suspicions come from having a high testosterone level, well over what they say for PCOS, my DHEA level is high and I am now told that I was supposed to have the DHEAS level checked because it was so high. I am IR and now taking Metformin. I am back to having aches and pains that are worse when I am very tired (most of the time) My vision has deteriorated this year, I now have glasses and feel in the few months since I got them that my eyes have got worse. I get dizzy spells and have developed acne for the first time. The hair growth on my face is worse than it ever was with PCOS. My tummy has got round like a 4 month pregnant belly. No more stretch marks other than those that I got with pregnancy. I have a bit of a hump (at least I think so)

I am determined to find an answer and I think by finding this site I am halfway there. Its a journey but hopefully like many others here, I'll have the strength to push my doctors in the right direction.

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