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Tracy's Story...

hello i have been suffering with bizarre symptoms for 12 years now.

i am 42 and at 28 had a complete hysterectomy. before the surgery they pumped me full of steriords to try and make the endometriosis go away so i could get pregnant.

i gained weight and got that buffalo hump on my back soon after the steriods, didnt think much of it. the steriods didnt work and i had to have the hystorectomy anyway it was spreading all over my organs.

since then i have developed all these weird symptoms from my head to my toes. i have very bad gastro problems including bloating distension heartburn they have told me i have irritable bowel but the medicine they gave me never worked.

then my bladder started bothering me never had infections so they told me i had interstial cysitis. the medicine never worked for that either.

all along the weight just kept coming on ive always been very active but that started getting harder and harder i find that each year more and more symptoms appear. my joints are achey all the time my skin is thin and i bruise easy i have hives and rashes all the time and the doctors have know idea why. my fatigue level had gotten so bad that it hurts to walk up stair i have no energy. i feel like i feel so not normal every day now. i used to at least have good days and the bouts would come and go but now it is chronic. i also have problems with looking very puffy and my face has gotten so round. i get flushed all the time and now am having bouts of anxiety. i feel like im going crazy, i have so many symptoms that just keep getting worse and worse. i am wondering if they check your cortisol levels and there normal does that mean you dont have cushings because i think they have checked that before. i definatley have all the symptoms and it just keeps getting worse.

i would love some imput from someone please.

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