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Tracey's Story

I was just recently dx with pituitary cushings in October 2007, after 4 years of complaing to my doctors and having every "classic" symptom of cushing disease.

It wasn't until my dermatologist sat down (after my vascular surgery in september 2007) with me listened to all of my symptoms and sent me for a 24 hr urine that we found the diagnosis.

I just met with Dr's at John Hopkins Hospital & will be having surgery sometime later this month (Feb 2008) . I have to agree- something has to be done about getting this diease recognized. I am 34 years old with a 5 year old daughter (that I try to keep up with) - it should have never gotten this out of hand, my doctors were testing me for cancer! They masked my symptoms with medications, and wrote off the rest to hormomes and stress.

I am very hopeful that the doctors at Hopkins are able to take the lead after the surgery & recovery will not be as stressful as the past 2 years.

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