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Todd's Story

WE are VERY thankful to report that after a LONG 5 years of asking what seemed like every doctor in Knoxville why I had all these strange symptoms (redness, puffiness, tired, bruising, panic attacks, bird legs, GI upset, etc) that I got diagnosed! Then got half the pituitary removed (transphenoidal) 6/11/01, a CSF leak repaired on the 28th, and have been on full hormone replacement ever since. And the drugs are annoying, but SO much better than the disease, so it's been well worth it. That's my story in a nutshell, if you'd like to know more, WAY more detail, see:

We have learned much through this experience and are so thankful for the blessing of health for now.

Hoping this will help--

Update March 15, 2006

Need to update that I now live in Winston-Salem, NC.

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