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Tina's Story

This all started in 99. I was having problems with my feet swelling to the point that one day I got home from work got out of my car and crawled to my house cause I could no longer walk. My mother cut my shoes off my feet. I called the Dr immediately it hurt so bad i was in tears. They couldn't figure it out so she sent me to a Rhuemotologist. I was told I had infectious arthitis given pills and continue to see the Dr once a month. At one point the tried steroids to see if they could get rid of an infection they thought I had.

I have ashtma and for a bit while taking steroids my asthma was better to the point I hadly need my inhaler at all anymore.

Then my husband and I split up and at the same time my son left for the Marines. He had never been away anywhere longer than 2 weeks. I got so sick I couldn't eat or sleep went through a nasty divorce. During this time I was told I had to quit my job cause I had degenerative joint diseae in my left knee. i moved to a one bedroom apt, and then things really went bad.

I suddenly lost about 80lbs but wasn't even trying I kept it off for about a year and then suddenly did an about face and started gaining weight and I didn't change my eating habits or anything. I gained 100 lbs in about a year. I started feeling depressed and tired and achey all over always just wantd to sleep.

On this time I met and remarried a wonderful man who has been a prince he has gone through alot with me. i was so depressed I went to a phycologist and was put on Effexor XR, and Seroquel. I just wanted to lay down and die that is how bad I was feeling and still feel at times.

I had so much pain in my abdomen and went to the Gyno. there I was told I had Cancer of the Uterous but it was caught early enough to get it out I had a hyserectomy in 2003 and while doing that surgery thye had a hard time getting my uterus out they poked a hole inmy bladder right at my vagina. It was very embarassing to call my Dr and have to tell him I am 47 yrs old and I wet my bed but never felt it just woke up in a wet bed. So needless to say back to the hospital for a repair. Thank god he admitted it was his fault and I didn't have to pay for the surgery just the hospital stay which was over night. I had a catheter for 6 weeks till I was able to get get out of bed. I then started getting worse.

I had a Mini Stroke on Labor day weekend of 2004. They put me on blood thinner and blood pressure medicine due to BP of 160/96. My tireness increased and headaches everyday and irritabilitly was over the top and had no desire to go anywhere I strated getting sick when I would eat I lost my appitite, but continued to gain weight, brittle nails aches all over.

Once more I went to the Dr he did a test for Thyroid and tell me my TSH is within normal range but my Tpo is 956 when the range is > 35. I was told I have Hashimoto thyroiditis disease and they could not give me anything till my thyroid kills it's self. I fought for Months to go to an Endo cause my GP thought he coudl treat it but I wanted a second opinion.

I Finally went to the Endo on May 4th of this Year (2006) I was sitting there and a oriental Man walks in he tells me he he a resident and he was going to check me out beofre the Dr came in. he did hsi examination and tell me oh you have all the classic syptoms of Cushing syndrome, then the Dr comes in and tell me I also have the sign and symptoms of Cushings and Hypo thyroid. They ordered a TSH snd a Free T4 and cortisol blood test and a 34 hour urine collection and told me they would call me i a week. The week passed and I was called and Told by the Resident I was fine and he had no clue why I was losing and then gaining weight for rapidly and that I should see a nutritonist. I asked well what about all my sign and symptoms he told me you have to be imagining them cause you test results say your fine. I have the Moon Face, Buffalo Hump and my skin is thin I briuse very easily, blow wrong on my arms or legs and I turn black and blue. I have scars from misquito bites I got last sumer yet on my legs, cause they never heal properly, all the weight I gained is in my mid section. I have the purplish stretch marks. and my neck is full and puffy. Plus the terrible depression and fatigue, headaches, Plus I have severe spinal arthitis and have to walk with a cane. I am tired and in pain all the time. my hair is falling out. I have facial hair.

I am looking for a third opinion now cause I just want my life back I want so desperately to feel better. I can't even clean my own house anymore my 76 yr old mother has to come here and do it and my hubby does all the cooking and the Laundry. Plus they are going to Start injecting Steroids into my back on May 25th.

I need help first understanding all this I had never heard of Cushings till they told me I had all the signs and symptoms.I would like to know if anyone knows of a good DR in the Lebanon, Pa area. I have a phone Number for Dr Blanchard and am going to call him He wrote the book Things the Dr dont want you to know. He is in Boston and he says in his book he will see you even if you are from another State you must have the first visit face to face and the he will do all consultations on the phone or email and you can have all your blood test locally and results sent to him. I am seriously thinking of this option.

Some one please help me.

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