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Tim's Story

My name is Tim Allred and I am here because my fiance, a wonderful and beautiful young lady in Peru, has Cushing's Syndrome. She had her second surgery in March 2007 to remove an adenoma from her pituitary. Her first surgery was in December 2004 and was more effective than this last one, since she was able to live symptom-free for a couple of years before relapsing. We are unimpressed with the level of care she is receiving in Peru due to the infrequency of follow-up visits and are in the process of getting her fiance visa so that we can be married here in the US and get her the care she needs. We will be located here in Conroe, Texas, within easy driving distance of Houston.

I have several questions for those of you out there: Does anyone know of good, attentive and knowledgeable doctors in the Houston area who have experience dealing with Cushings? I am sure that there are a few, but I don't know how best to locate them. Are there any Cushings support groups in this area?

We would especially love to hear from women who have or have had Cushings and who have been able to have children. Lorenna is 31, never married, has no children and we want children. She currently has a very light period every few months and has been told that her only treatment options now are radiotherapy or gamma knife surgery, which we understand will leave her unable to have children. We are looking for voices of hope and encouragement...

Any suggestions are most welcome!

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