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Tiffany's Story

Well, I thought I had a pretty good story up until I went to the doctor today and now I am a little confused about what my diagnosis is or will be.

I always had female problems since the start of my puberty, I actually was diagnosed with PCOS about 1 year or so ago. I was not given any medication except birth control which didn't ever help with my symptoms.

I recently got an appointment with an endocrinologist, my appointment was today, she told me that I may not have PCOS at all it may be Cushing's or another syndrome mimicking PCOS. I guess that just kind of stunned me because all along I thought I knew what was wrong with me and it felt pretty good. I am now back where I started and confused.

I do not know anything about Cushing's and am hoping to get a better understanding in case my test results prove this is what I have. At my appointment my endo ran the following tests: Hepatic Func. Panel, Lipid Profile, Met. Panel, basic, glucose(2 hrs.), TSH, Free T4, LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Venipuncture, Insulin level, DHEA Sulfate, Free Testosterone, and sent me home with a 24hr. urine test to check Cortisol.

If anyone has any feedback that would be great!

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