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Theresa B's Story...

Hello -

I am new to this website. I have quite the story as I am sure that you all have. I have been suffering with Cushing's for most of my life, but I was quite affected by it after my mother passed away. My first symptoms were that I was finding it harder and harder to breath even though I was exercising every morning and had started to lose some weight. I went to the doctors and they checked to see if I was anemic or if I had hepatitis. Both tests came out negative so they did not follow up. I gradually got worse until I was sitting in my Living room and I walked to the bathroom and back and I could not breath. I told my husband that I had to go to the hospital. When I went to the hospital the nurse thought it was "only stress". Come to find our I had blood clots in my lungs. I was at Brattleboro Hospital at the time and then I was rushed to Dartmouth hospital because my family insisted that I go. There a number of doctors saw me asked me questions and I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. At Dartmouth I had an MRI done and they were unable to detect a tumor. They wanted me to undergo a sinus catheterization. Thank God that I was well enough to tell them that my body had gone through enough already and that I wanted a second opinion.

Because I was on Coumadin I had to have my blood drawn and because I had Cushing's the condition of my veins made it very difficult for the doctors. So, I ended up with someone drawing blood from me and it ended up being a black and blue and the blood pooled in my arm. That cut of the nerve in my arm and my fingers were numb. It was the most painful experience that I have ever had happen to me. (I have 2 children)

Then because my limbs were so weak I ended up falling down the stairs and split my leg open (while I was on Coumadin). Amazing I didn't bleed to death.

So, with my sore arm and my sore leg I ended up in a recliner chair for 2 weeks.

I ended up going to Mass. General Hospital. The doctor there detected a tumor in June, 2002. They were unable to do surgery until November because of my blood clots. They wanted to wait until the Cumadin that I was on had taken full effect.

I ended up getting every side effect that you could while I was sick. I was on Norvasc for high blood pressure. I had a hard time remembering to take my medication. My days were so long. I really had a hard time taking care of my children so I had to have help.

So a long 8 months later I ended up having surgery. I had the best surgeon in our area do the surgery. It was only a one day procedure. I was very traumatized after surgery. The next two weeks were awful. I kept having anxiety attacks and thinking that I was going to die. (I had considered suicide while I was waiting to have surgery). Luckily I have my family or I probably wouldn't have made it through.

It's now almost 5 months post surgery. I am doing so much better. I can bring my child to school and back home. I not only take care of my own children, but we have many play dates.

I am still on Social Security Disability, because I still get pretty tired.

I am taking only one medication (Prednisone) which I should be off of in a few years. I started out at 7.5 mg and am already down to 4 mg. one day and 3 mg. the next.

Good luck to you all. I know that it is a hard road and if you need someone to talk to I will be here. Just remember that there is hope. I am proof of it!!

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