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Terry's Story...

Hi-Ya! Yes, I was merely 17 years old when I first mis-diagnosed with Rheumatory Arthritis back in 1994 and then had a series of high fevers and somehow finally diagnosed or maybe another misdiagnosis with Lupus. That is how my whole journey started! Now, after 9, YES, NINE YEARS of dealing with Lupus and having such a great daughter that has helped me dearly throughout her precious little life, I find out from another woman that had Cushing's tell me her same exact story as mine. We talked on the phone for hours about the possibility of me having prednisone induced Cushing's and maybe I still do have the Lupus, but because I have been up and down with prednisone dosages I could have also developed Cushing's somewhere along the way.

I use to weigh 110lbs with the sporty-soccer athletic build. And now I am 225 lbs over weight with the ugly Hunchback-Hump on my upper back, huge neck, big tummy, swollen cheeks that are sometimes feverish, tons of stretch marks all over my inner thighs and upper body, thinning hair, rosey cheeks, butterfly rash of the facial area, thicker darker facial and neck hair, tired, cranky, sleepy, nails are brittle, lots of yeast infections, bone loss, no immune system to help get over small communicable things like colds and whatever else I am so thankful to get-ha, ha!, you name it, i have it or have had it and I REALLY DON'T RECOGNIZE MYSELF AT ALL! I am so thankful that this nice woman had the courage to come up to me and ask me to look up Cushing's on the internet and then, give her a call after I catch my breath. I did and I called her as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

I still get teary-eyed thinking I have lost nine years of my life to this crazy disease. I am now waiting patiently to see my new endocrinologist from Houston, TX. Hopefully, he will have some great news!!! If he does, I will have to update this bio. I still have a lot to share and a lot of making up to my precious angel, Brooke who has given up her childhood to help her mommy. She has been my inspiration to go on in this life and I love her with all my heart. I owe her the next nine years of my devoted time to make it up to her even though she says she understands and just wants me to be here for the rest of my life without pain.

My husband and best friend of 5 years now has also helped tremendously. He is my biggest fan and the best nurse too! I have the best support from my mom, dad and brother and sisters. They have stuck beside me and pushed me to go on even when I hurt-they would wait behind to make sure I make it! I think I am so blessed and I wish everyone had the cheer group of family and friends that I have. I am very thankful to GOD above and hope you all find the love, support and cure that we all are in search of.

God Bless, I will update this and please email me anyone who just wants a shoulder to cry on. I can be your friend and listen or give all the advice since I wear the TSHIRT-"BEEN THERE, DONE THAT" or I can be your support and BIGGEST Fan! If you email me with your phone number, I promise I will call you! My email address is Please email me if you need ANYTHING!!!!

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