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Terri's Story...

Novemeber 2002 is when I started having problems.My stomach started getting huge! Everyone thought I was pregnant.I started having real bad nite sweats.My joints started hurting really bad. It felt like I had the flu all the time.

I went from doctor to doctor trying to get help. They all accused me of eating to much which I hardly ate. One even said I had false pregnancy lol.They didn't seem to care. I kept having people congratulate me,because they thought I was pregnant!

I had gained 40 lbs. in 2 to 3 months. I don't eat sweets or junk food. I have small meals.

now about my miserable life in 2004

My pcp says she is sure I have cushing's but it still hasn't been confirmed.

Its going on 4 years now in pain. I look 9 months pregnant.I actually look more now than when i was pregnant! My legs and arms have gotten skinny.Ive lost all my muscle.I got high blood pressure.My potaasium got very low. Im either sweating and hot, or sweating and im cold.All my joints hurt me.I can barely stand on my feet.My hip area hurts so bad and and my back kills me,and my legs are extremly weak.I seem to be loosing hair and getting more acne.I have bad shakes and tremors,and anxiety attacks.Sometimes i shake to bad to feed myself.If i try to go down stairs my legs start jumping uncontrollable.I also have daily headaches,moon face,fatigue,depression,blurry vision,pain in rib area,cant concentrate,memory loss,short of breath.If it was not for my pain meds i would not be able to get up everyday.In the begiining i was 120 lbs i gained 40 lbs in 3 moths.I stayed at 160 for the longest time then gradually went to 151 but its working its way back up i was 155 yesterday.Of course the docs said i ate to much.But i hardly eat.I dont eat any junk food at all. I get very faint feeling...i see little white lights flying around in front of me.I also have stretch marks but not really that purple just bright pink,I get weird chest pains that come and go quick,My teeth have gotten bad.I sure do hate my new double chin! I went from a 27/28 waist to a 40. All this at age 35!

Now in 2005 I am still in pain. I can walk more now...just not to long. I have started having pain in my right arm,and hand.They also get numb alot. My tremors have calmed down. I weigh 160. So last year I could hardly move.This year I can do a little,but only if I take pain pillls. Without them i can not function at all. I am also having trouble with my fingers.They hurt so bad!

March 2005

I started seeing Dr. Kennedy in Gainesville Florida. He seems to be very thorough. I will be doing 4 salivary cortisol test.

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