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Terre's Story

Hello! My name is Terre. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 daughters 15 & 10. And happily married to the love of my life for 16 years.

All my problems started as a teen. Weight going up and down. Really bad periods. Then when I got married I got pregnant...wrong. It was a huge cyst on my ovary that had ruptured. I was bleeding to death inside. Also one on my tube. I had surgery to repair all of that and was able to have my oldest daughter. I had 7 miscarrages then I was able to have my 10 year old. After I breast fed her for 5 months I still continued to leak breast milk for 2 years. I had massive headaches and a very high prolactin level. I was sent to an endo. after being told I had a brain tumor. The Dr. told me I had PCOS and told me to get a TVH-BSO scheduled ASAP. two weeks later 9/1999 I had everything removed. I felt better for about a year then all my symptoms had returned.

I have the skin tags, really big trunk, buffalo hump, purple stretch marks, very tired, muscles ache all the time, Massive headaches, dizzy, nausa, moonface, lower back and hip pains, leaking milk from both breast, low blood sugar, cranky all the time, fine white hairs..everywhere, loosing my hair everywhere it should be, acne everywhere. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in March 2007, bruises everywhere...never know how they happen.

I went to the Dr. yesterday 12/05/2007 and he said pituitary tumor is suspected so we started tests. He is checking my thyroid and my prolactin level. So maybe I am on the road to finding out what's wrong. I really believe it is cushing's.

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