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Tara's Story...

I am 23, and currently living in Tappen, BC Canada. Originally from Winnipeg Manitoba, Nelson BC, Chilliwack BC, and Salmon Arm BC. My family travels a lot, but we have been in the Shuswap now for approx 6 years.

Well, I find out tomorrow (Thursday January 23rd, 2003), what the CT Scan found. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in December of 2000. Last September, during my physical, the doctor hmmm-d and haw-d at a lot of my physical signs. She asked me if I had ever heard of Cushing's, and if anyone in my family has/had it. Of course, I had not heard of it, so she recommended I do some research online about it. Apparently the signs she is concerned about happens to be where I carry my weight (mid section), the "hump" on the back of my neck, stretch marks, misfunctioning ovaries (8 years), high blood pressure, severe headaches, etc. So, I am nervous and anxious to find out what all these problems lead to (if anything). The specialist that I see is not concerned at all, however he has yet to do any physical exams (other than my feet 2 years ago). My family doctor has never had a Cushing's patient, but I am extremely grateful that she noticed these symptoms and wants to rule everything out ASAP.

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