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Tammy's Story

I am 38 years old and after reading some things on the site i am thinking i may have found whats wrong with me. I am sitting here at 230 am wide awake after struggling to stay awake all day.

I started out with a hot searing pain in my right foot 1 yr ago. Dr xrayed and sent me to pt, sports med, and finally a foot specialist who put me on a short course of prednisone. That helped the foot pain, but after 1 week it was back again. Dr said maybe i have a inflammatory condition since not only did the med help the foot pain, but i noticed my "cankles" were smaller for once in my life.

Meanwhile, FP did "full" blood workup and said my cholesterol was 240 (It was 165 1 year prior) and he decided to treat my HBP. In looking at the tests he did, he said my pottassium was very low and had to change my BP med.

This is all while I went from a size 14 to a size 20/22. My neck is so thick I have trouble sleeping on my side from feeling like im suffocating. I get that too when I turn my head to one side or the other. I thought I was crazy just making excuses for being a fatty, but if I dieted and ate less than i do now, id be starving myself.

Now, not only do I have the pain in BOTH feet, but i can barely walk at all from feeling weakness in my legs. Its in my arms too. I cant lift my arm above shoulder level without holding it up with my other hand. I just really feel bad.

I have an appt with a rhuemotologist and with an endocrinologist in Jan, and am on the waiting list in case of any sooner appt comes available.

Worse than feeling bad is not functioning like normal. That means talking and thinking too. I forget where im going sometimes, and try to say things but they come up all jumbled. As scary as this condition sounds, id just be glad to know im not going crazy.

Would welcome any suggestions or advice.

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