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Tamie's Story

I have been dealing with this since my early teens. I did not know why I was getting fatter and was still exercising and dancing five days a week. I would always be hungry, but only for carbs. I hated my body and what it was doing.

It only got worse when I left for New York. I got bigger and my family made fun of me. My mother and grandmother and aunts always asked me why I was so big and what was wrong with me. I didn't exactly know, but I wanted an answer.

In my doctor travels I was diagnosed with many things. I was "just fat" and I was ectopic, fibroid tumors, and a host of other female probs. I am now being treated because I couldn't get pregnant for 6 years. I am now 31 and trying to have a baby and save my life at the same time. I am a law student and the pressure of this is unbearable.

I am glad I found this site. It helped me get treatment and it will also help because my husband has this also. He is being treated, but we would not have found out about either of us without the help of this site.

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