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Suzypar's Story

My name is Susan and I am writing this bio for my husband Michael.

He had a lot of health issues that were misdiagnosed and unanswered for several years. He developed osteoparosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other problems over night it seems. He also had several features of cushings such as the moon face and buffalo hump.

He was finally diagnosed with Cushings about three months ago. November 2007 he went into the hospital with backpain and he was unable to stand. Within days of being admitted I was told he had a compression fracture that paralyzed him from the waist down.

He had transphenoidal pituitary surgery June 23. The tumor was approximately 20 cm which had doubled in size since November. Only part of it was removed because it was in the nerve center of brain and "wrapped" around carotid artery. Neurosurgeon was able to remove more than thought, but he might need another surgery or radiation treatment.

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