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Susan's Story...

I was diagnosed having Cushing's in November 2000. I had been ill for 5 years prior to diagnosis. Severe bouts of kidney stones led to diagnosis. Had surgery to remove a pituitary adenoma at Vanderbilt U. Medical Center in Nashville, TN. on April 19, 2001. I am cured for now.

I lost about 100 pounds the year and a half after surgery. Fighting with 20 pounds to goal weight. I have my life back. I used to be very tired a lot but growth hormone studies were normal so I did not qualify for growth hormone therapy. Been doing a high protien, low carb diet and feel much more energetic and healthy.

I used to belong to this group 2 years ago, but moved and forgot my old e-mail address, password, etc. So, I am back and would love to be a support to others. I will send before and after pictures soon. Glad to be back.

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