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Susan C's Story

Hi, I have not had a diagnosis yet. About two months ago I was working and got extremely light headed and felt like the top of my head had been shot off and I broke into a sweat. Two seconds later I was fine. Two days later it happened again. The next day I began feeling light headed with a lot of pressure in the back of my head. I went to by OB/GYN and found out that my blood pressure was up. I previously had cancer of the stomach, spleen, pancreas and esophagus. I've been in remission for 20+ years and I have always been very aware of my body and how I'm feeling and have never had trouble with my BP. My doc ordered some blood work and everything came back fine. She suggested I have an ECHO done at a cardiologist - that was fine. My BP continued to be erratic - at one minute in the doctors office 110/66 and next reading 188/118. So I went to an internist who did more blood work and also scheduled me for a MRA on my head and neck.

The MRA showed a 50% blockage to the artery in the L-side of my brain. So now I go to a neurologist who tells me I am having no symptoms - so no need for treatment, he said a 50% blockage in no way could be causing my blood pressure to be erratic. So back to the internist. He runs more blood tests and orders CT and MRI on my brain. The CT showed I have a small cyst on one ovary and a small kidney stone but no symptoms with either one. But my blood pressure continues to be erratic. All my records have now been send to an endo who is having me take a blood test in the morning and an urine test next week. He told me that I have a elevated level of cortisone.

Has any one else experience BP fluxuations and pressure in your head (I guess you can say it is a headache but it doesn't throb - just a constant pressure). I am thirsty all the time as well.


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