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Susan Colleen's Story

Hello everyone!!! I'm not sure where to start so here goes---in July of 2000 I went into the hospital with blood sugars of over 900. I never knew I had diabetes **surprise** This was the day after my mothers death. so....I had all kinds of infections going on.

We get this taken care of, sugars under control, kidneys working good again and so on everything is back on track or as much as it can be at this time or so we thought....

I start to gain weight. At first I wasn't worried. I knew I had not been following my diet plan but, it didn't stop so that's when the test start. By this time I had gained over 40 pounds in a very short period all in my tummy, facial hair, the whole nine yards.

The first tests were for PCOS but the doc continued and then I got the call "you have Cushing's Disease" and that (diabetes is a result of Cushing's)

I had never heard of this disease. I was so very frightened and did not know where to go or what to do. So by now it's Sept of 2001. I go to a new endo. He continued with the tests just to reconfirm and I go into surgery on Nov 28, 2001.

What they find is a cyst in my pituitary gland instead of a tumor so I'm thinking this is a good thing not as serious but here it is months later and nothing has changed. I still feel the same and have not lost any weight (only gained more), not as much facial hair, but I am still so tired and sore all the time (and that's how I found you guys !!!)

I was looking for info before my doc's appt. which is the end of this month. I wanted find all of info I could get so I could be completely prepared this time as I ramble on and on I realize this is a depressing little story and this disease just sucks and you would think in this day and age 2002 for goodness sakes that our doctors would be able to find a cure to this horrible disease so that we could all be well and not so sick and tired all of the time so on the sad note I'm going to leave you guy's and look around this wonderful site some more thanks for listening----always a friend Susan Colleen (Suzi)

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