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Summer's Story

I have been struggling with a multitude of symptoms for years and was wondering if someone could help make sense of them. I'm 27 years old, female, and have been struggling since I was 18. I was a very thin teenager (borderline hyperthyroidism) but when I turned 18, I gained 30lbs in a year and that's when everything began to go to hell. It's now really horrible since I've had 2 kids. I'm not sure if pregnancy aggrivates these types of symptoms.

Well, here's what I'm experiencing and what I know so far:

-Diagnosed a few weeks ago w/ borderline hypothyroidism. Put on a small dose of synthroid
-High Testosterone levels (experiecing hirutism, receeding hairline, extreme mood swings)
-Panic Attacks, Severe Anxiety/Depression.
-Anemic w/ abnormally small red blood cells.
-horrible deep pain in the legs a few times per week. So bad that I can't sleep.
-Developed purple stretchmarks around my abdomen in my early 20's (before I had children).
-Wounds heal slowly and scar (used to never have that problem when I was a teenager).
-Irregular menses.
-Extreme fatigue.
-horrible headaches
-tremors in my right hand if I try to hold something.
-In the past year, I feel like I have to urinate all of the time (i'm not pregnant) and my kidney area hurts like I have a UTI. I've gone to the dr multiple times to be checked for a UTI but it always comes back negative.
-started to experience muscle weakness after the birth of my first child. Difficult to get up off of the floor, climb steps or walk briskly.
-High cholesterol. Blood Pressure a little high but not enough to be considered "too" high.
-Insulin levels OK (results came back last month)
-during my first pregnancy, I was borderline gestational diabetic. It remedied itself after I had my son.

Also, another thing that happened to me is that it was extremely difficult to determine if I was pregnant. OTC pregnancy tests always came back negative when I was in fact pregnant. Dr's ran blood tests and they came back negative. They eventually sent me to an Endocrinologist b/c I wasn't have periods and they didn't know why. The endo wanted to test me for cushing's b/c of all the symptoms I had. He did a sonogram as part of the tests and they figured out I was pregnant. At that point, he didn't pursue any other tests b/c I guess he thought he figured out the problem. But after the birth of my 2nd child, everything has really gone haywire and I'm so tired of feeling horrible all of the time.

Does anyone know if there's a correlation between Cushings and high testosterone levels, anemia, hypothyroidism and false negatives on pregnancy tests?

My current PCP thinks that if we get my thyroid stabelized that my testosterone levels should decrease. I hope she's right but I really don't think that the two are correlated.

Thank you!

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