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Sue's Story...

I had Cushings Disease in 1984 when I was 27. It started with acute pain in my back and hips after giving birth to my daughter. This continued until I ended up in a wheelchair, not great when you are trying to look after a baby!

It was thought that I had arthritis and both my hips were replaced but I got no better. One of the doctors picked up on my strae marks (which I thought were normal after giving birth) then everything else came to light-very thin skin,bruising,weight gain-from 105-165lbs,moon face,facial hair etc etc. Took many tests but a tumour was found on my pituitary and I ended up having 95% of it removed. I really thought it would all go away overnight, but of course it didn't, but it did happen. After all they think I'd had it for about 5 years or more.

I went on to have another baby with the help of fertility treatment -and my husband of course! I managed to get my weight down to about 110lbs( I'm only 5 ft.) but not for a long time , growth hormone injections have helped a lot. Most of the time now I am ok except the ongoing problem with my hips, which are up for renewal now for the third time.

I take 15mg hydrocortisone,100mcg thyroxine,growth hormone,HRT,calcium and various vitamins. Think thats it but just to say I couldn't have got through it without faith and I now realise how precious life is and try to make the most of each day.

I did want to ask if there is anyone else who had their op years ago and how they are doing now?

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