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Sue C's Story...

My story is similar to alot I've read.

After countless doctors,tests and medicines, I finally got an endo who thought my high cortisol was possibly Cushings. He has done one 24 hr. urine which was also high and now he did the dex suppression and the first day on it my # was 32.7 and the second day 3.4. But I found this out on my own by going to Quest because my results have been in since Mar.28th and he has not called. His nurse told me it must not be critical or he would have called. This is the same nurse who told me my 24 hr. urine was normal only for him to call over a week later and order the dex test.

I have alot of the symptoms: fatigue, sore muscles, facial hair, weight gain, easy bruising,etc. I have been in contact with Judy and she told me to go on the message boards (not sure I am even in the right place) I am new at the computer. She gave me the name of a good endo in our area and I will call tomorrow.

Sue C

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