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Sue's Story

I have been ill on and off for about 5 years.

Currently I am going through my worst bout. Since 12/10/08 I have been unabale to get an answer. It started with chest/abdominal pain and I had a GI work up. Upper endoscopy, CTand MRI of the Abdomen. i started to notice a cyclical pattern to it, called my PCP and asked him to check some hormones. My prolactin and cortisol were elevated.

i had a brain MRI with and without contrast and that just showed prominence of the pituitary with a convex superior border but no tumor. My prolactin has come down to normal after coming off of Reglan (for my stomach) but my cortisol remains elevated on a 24 hour urine.

I just did a dexamethasone suppression test yesterday. So I am basically waiting for answers and feeling sick.

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