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Sue's Story

I am a 43 year old woman who I think has had Cushing Syndrome for at least ten years.

A freind and I took some diet pills called Therma Genics from a distributer Herba Life. He developed Phepchromcytoma (sp) at exactly the same time I began getting sick. It started as anxiety attacks and severe depression. Last year, the disease began to manifest itself in all kinds of ways. All I can say is I ws in pain alot. They found a tumor on my left adrenal gland and it continues to grow slowly.

I live in Florida and have found that the doctors here must have fallen asleep during diseases of the endrichnology system that day. My ribs break, fracture and crack. I have pain always in my back and kidneys. My liver gets infected as well as PID, walking pnemonia, and UTI's. chromic bronshitis, poor vision. M y immune system is compromised and I have to be always vigilant iof staff infections. I almost lost my foot last Christmas. due to that damage, I have trouble walking and may have reflex symathetic dystrophy syndrome.

Who knows anymore. I cry a lot.

My endocrinolgist keeps ordering tests, but sometimes they come back normal, making me feel like I am crazy. Hypo throid..Hper throid I have moon face and now nair the hair on the sides of my face. My stomach looks like I am a few months pregnant. I had a buffallo hump which has seemed to sudside a bit now.

She says I don't have cushings because I don't have strations on my abdomen. Good greif, I have every other symptom.!!! So I am frustrated and so emotional. I cry one minute and laugh the next. I had my thyroid removed 8 years ago and they cannot seem to regulate my medication either. I gain and loose 10 to 20 lbs. a week. I am 50 lbs overweight.

Well, that seems like a good enough start. Hope I meet some people her who help me deal with this disease and I learn more than I can listening to doctors. Who by the way, want to prescibe me more medication that will only exasberate the condition. Steroids, SSRI's etc. etc.

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