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Stephanie's Story...

I was diagnosed with Cushing's in October 2004 at the age of 35.

Luckily I had a great psychiatrist who sent me to a wonderful gynecologist for testing. I was then referred to an endocronologist who did further testing who then sent me to Dr. Lewis Blevins at Vanderbilt. With more tests to undergo and many months later I was told that I definately had Cushing's.

2 1/2 years later I have come to realize that this is not to take too lightly. I have not been successful in finding the tumor, nor have I been on any meds for Cushing's.

I was told last week, April 13, 2007, when I went back to get test results that I need to either go on meds or have my adrenal glands removed and I am supposed to make a decision soon. Both are big decisions to make and I am not too sure about what I am going to do.

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