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Stephanie's Story

I'm a 34 year old African Canadian woman who for about two years battled with extremely high blood sugars. I ignored them and went walking around in a diabetic coma until one day my body almost shut down.

During this time I had no menstration, was rapidly gaining weight in my mid section, had the stretch marks,the buffalo hump, hair growth, thinning of hair on my head, bouts of depression, bad acne and enormous bouts of sweating. My general doctor thought that I was making no effort to diet and exersize.

When admitted to the hospital I was seen by an endocrinologist who after questioning me thoroughly decided to have me tested for Cushings. My results discovered I had Cushings Disease. (pituitary tumor) I've been waiting since May 2007 for an appointment with a specialist to discuss my condition since there are no doctors to treat me in the area I live in.

At this moment I have been upgraded to insulin for my diabetes, two different kinds which the government doesn't cover. I have high blood pressure and osteoporosis. I just had back surgery due to a fall from rollerskating because my bone density. Waiting for treatment has me taking several pills a day.

There are no type of support groups in the local area either. I currently go to school for journalism and want to graduate with my class but I don't know if it will happen due to waiting on this surgery.

Update October 16, 2007

After a four hour train ride I finally made it to Toronto Westren Hospital to one of the best pituitary clinics in the country. After an appointment with my recommended neuro-surgeon Dr. Fred Gentili they suggested that I have surgery before the end of the year. Since I have a macro tumor (which they say is pretty large) they want to operate ASAP, I'm currently waiting on a phone call for the appointment.

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