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Stacy's Story

I am from northern Michigan.

I have recently just had a blood test with an elevated cortisol level. I have gained 60 pounds in the last 6 months and my face is swollen, my eyes look like little beads, I haven't had my period in a year, and I have been dealing with facial hair, and anxiety since the birth of my son 3 and a half years ago. My Dr. thought I was just being panicky when I mentioned Cushing's, but he tested me for it to ease my mind, he was surprised when he found my cortisol levels were up, I knew that something was going on, but everyone just tried to convince me that I was depressed and that was why I was getting so big.

I am very scared right now, my daughter has type one diabetes, and my son has autism, they depend on me for so much and I am afraid of leaving them behind. My sister passed away of leukemia 13 years ago and I am still grieving, I need help, I am so scared, I don't want my children to not have a mother. I am so scared! If anyone has the time could you email me, or just tell me your story. I really need the support right now, Thanks and God Bless.

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