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Stacey's Story

I am 30 yrs old and I have 3 children ages 4, 6 and 7. I have been having alot of issues for about 12 yrs that are continuing to get worse every year and seemed to have been placed in overdrive since I got pregnant with my first son. I am currently working with Dr. Ludlam at Swedish in Seattle and I am hoping for some insight soon.

Here is a list of my symptoms:

  1. Itchy legs and abdomen
  2. Burning painful legs from knees to feet
  3. Fatigue
  4. Touch sensations last for extended period of time after letting go
  5. Dry eyes
  6. Dry skin-doesn’t matter what season
  7. Chronic muscle tension in neck
  8. Muscle soreness and stiffness
  9. Traveling bumpy rash that looks and feels like hives on back and neck that comes and goes
  10. Fingers get hives periodically
  11. Finger nails brittle, peeling and very thin
  12. Swelling in abdomen, feet, legs and hands
  13. Always cold
  14. Chronic constipation
  15. Dizziness
  16. Weight gain
  17. Chronic neck and back pain
  18. Muscle weakness- the worst in shoulders and arms
  19. Sharp shooting pain from back of head to upper forehead
  20. Heightened sense of smell
  21. Light sensitivity
  22. Bruise easily and bruise lasts for 4-6 weeks on average
  23. Forgetfulness
  24. Headaches
  25. Chronic insomnia
  26. Skin turned dark around hairline
  27. Acne
  28. Oily face
  29. Crazy menstral cycles
  30. Anxiety
  31. Getting depressed from feeling so rotten and unable to do things that were easy a year ago
  32. Hirsutism
  33. No sex drive at all
  34. Stretch marks on abdomen and breasts and upper thighs, not purple anymore, turned white
  35. Irritable-easily aggitated
  36. Vision changes cuts out in spots and has fuzzies around the cut out
  37. Bladder incontinence
  38. Sugar cravings
  39. Ribs hurting on right and left sides
  40. Vaginal dryness
  41. Melasma
  42. Loss of balance, run into things
  43. Arms go numb and hands usually the last 3 fingers
  44. Twitching in upper bicep and on face (upper lip and cheeks and eyes)
  45. Occasional speech difficulties-I know what I am talking about but it comes out all mixed up
  46. Hypertension
  47. Tinnitus
  48. Acid Reflux with Hiatal Hernia

and so far this is what I have been diagnosed with:

  1. HPV in 1998 due to chronic yeast infections with no reason GYN did a colposcopy and biopsy of cervical tissue once off birth control no more yeast infections occurred no problems since all Pap smears normal.
  2. Anxiety and Panic attacks since 1998
  3. Put on Chlomid in 1998/1999 did not ovulate regularly while trying to conceive, periods ranged from 80-180 days. Very painful periods since puberty at the age of 12.
  4. Plantar Fasciitis and tibial spur on right foot in 2002/2003
  5. Incomplete right bundle branch block diagnosed during 3rd pregnancy, after a bunch of testing (EEG, Sonogram and stress test) determined not to be an issue. Initial testing of EEG performed in Oct/Nov 2003 and follow-up with stress test and sonogram performed April 2005.
  6. Eczema in Feb/March 2007 given Triamcinolone cream still exists I have had it since first pregnancy in 2000.
  7. Rosacea in Feb/March 2007 given Metrogel
  8. Schatzki’s Ring in October 2007
  9. Dysphalgia in October 2007
  10. Hiatal Hernia in October 2007
  11. Acid Reflux in October 2007
  12. Obstructive Sleep Apnea in November 2007; currently on CPAP
  13. Restless Leg Syndrome in November 2007
  14. Swedish E.R. visit with blood in urine no bacteria present no previous symptoms anything was wrong except for the blood given Macrobid Jan. 27, 2008 and it was called a UTI
  15. Raynaud’s Phenomenon in February 2008
  16. Possible Fibromyalgia in February 2008
  17. Possible Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in February 2008
  18. Sicca in February 2008
  19. Peripheral Pitting Edema February 2008
  20. Melasma April 2008
  21. Papilledema May 2008
  22. Sinus Polyps May 2008
  23. Intracranial Hypertension May 2008

Its been a long journey of "I don't knows, but something is wrong with you" and getting passed back and forth from doctor to doctor.

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