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Stacey P's Story...

I am a 40 year old Mother of 3 from Beachwood New Jersey, who had been told had been living with this for 10-15 years.

It was the golden rule take care of your family and put yourself on the back burner. My hubby hurt his back and had to have his L-3 L-4 L-5 disks fused rodded and caged, and wouldn't you know it 5 days before his surgery date I had an heart attack and stroke that put me in the ER.

I have not felt well and lived with a lot of symptoms and pain for many years, but never had the resources to get things looked in to.I have the hunchback for 10 years or more, the icty skin, swelling in the stomach legs breasts, with welts that bleed and are so swollen that I weep liquid out of my body to the touch.

They found a mass on my adrenal gland, something with my pituitary glands, I have major high blood pressure, high Cortisol levels, diabetes. My endo Robert Rodriguez told me I had Cushing's and there was nothing he or this hospital could do for me. See we lost our insurance when my hubby went out on workers comp, so he discharged me with meds I could not fill and told me he would try to get me into Maryland, but it would take months just to get an answer.

Well needless to say the very next morning, I had another stroke and heart attack, and was in the ER being admitted again under a whole new set of doctors, which have now also found liver tumors, gallstones and heart arterial filibration, and my heart rate stays about 200. I am to the point that I can not keep food down get the runs, and am in pain and do not sleep.

I am now waiting to be seen by an endo in Unvi of Newark hospital in Feb. I do not think I can hold on that long. Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank-you Stacey P at home wishing I could be dead.

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