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Sonia's Story...

I am very frustrated and sick. I have had about 5 Doctors tell me that I have Cushings however all my Labs come back normal. As soon as they see me they all say, You Have Cushings.

I have the following symptoms: Wads of hair coming out in my brush, growing a mustache, huge stomach with purple stretch marks on it, hump on my back, clavicals on both sides stay swolen, my face is huge and my cheeks get really hard and puffy, neck swolen, upper arms are swolen some. Nausiated and weakness and fatique. My skin feels like it has tiny little bumps all over it. An the places that swell get red sometimes. I have started getting headaches right in the top of my head about an inch or two from the hair line and vision problems.

I am very sick but can not get anyone to help me since my 24 hour urine and my blood cortisol is normal. They just drop me after that. Have seen 2 Endocronologists and they will not do anything else. One in Florida and one in Tennessee at Vanderbilt. If someone knows a Doctor I can just send my symptoms to or would care enough to talk to me I desperataly need them. I had to quit my job and can not even go anywhere for long because I feel so sick.

Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me.

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