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Sonda's Story

Hi I'm Sonda and for years Dr.'s thought I was nuts could not find out what was wrong with me had sinis problem and could not breath had 3 sinis surgery nothing worked so I went to a Infectious Diseases Dr. she took one look at me and said you need a MRI next day had it and that afternoon she called said you have a tumor

had the surgery April 2005, shot med the works but still having problem went back had another MRI Tumor cells back so they did the Gamma Knife Aug 2006 now still waiting to see if that work don't think it will be I'm trying to hope for the best but no one seems to understand all the pain that goes with this I take shots every 6 hours, and one 1 a month plus a handful to med's day and night just hope that some day something will work

I did find a great Endo Dr. in Dallas at Southwestern Medcial School but she says I have a tuff case and that all we can do is wait I don't think people out there understand that " Wait " is not fun and the pain is tuffer some days than others and most Dr's don't understand this disease if anyone has any info

I'd love to hear about. There are no support group around my area and I don't know one person with this craze disease I have. Thanks for listening and hope to hear from some others out there that can share alittle info and Good Luck to everyone!!!

Sonda, from Texas

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