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SmilieSu's Story

In 1991 I was 20 years old and still I had no menstrual period of any sort. I went to see a endo doctor who sent me for a Cat Scan on the Pituitary gland which showed that I had some sort of mass. So I was sent for a MRI scan which conformed the growth as to be a tumor and that's when my life changed.

In 1993 I went to see another doctor, because I wasn't happy with the first one. They did another MRI and discovered it had grown quite a lot since the last scan and were talking about operating on it, but decided not to. And opted to do radio-therapy to which I endured 6 weeks of.

In 1994 it still hadn't changed size and I was put on steroids for my Adrenal gland and thyroxine for my thyroid, I was also put on total hormone replacement program and yes at the ripe age of 23 I experienced my first menstrual period.

Since this time I am still on all medication except for steroids as it was making me put on to much weight.

As a result of the radio-therapy I know have very bad tunnel vision and my teeth have decade to a point were they all need to be removed and replaced with dentures. This is due to the face mask used in the therapy being to big for my face.

But with all these problems I still find my self always smiling hence the name SmilieSu.

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