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Siobhan's Story

' I need some help BIG TIME

-2001 started to gain wieght without over eating-went on Jenny Craig to loose weight for a wedding, I just kept gaining weight for no reason. People around started to remark. I started to notice as well.

Time goes to 2003. I gain about 100 lbs. and began to have classic signs of Cushings per photos and now research. I saw an Endocrinologist at UCSF and was put on Levothyroxine. My doctor asked if I was depressed and I said no-which I was not and they seem to always want to go there. I began to have terrible hot/cold sweats and could not at all regulate body temp. My endocin doc said I needed and MRI because my blood test were all over the bvoard. I did he said your have pituitary tumor don't worry take levo.

Symtoms got worse-I then got throat tumors/adenomas still have them hoarse voice still growths no one seems to care. I never had problem with breat then a breast lump/adenoma showed up. I am all over the board with symptoms and the want to send me to a neuropsychiatrist (sp). My personal shrink called my doctor (he is a medical doctor) He told her he has known my for 18 years and this is totally medical.

The tumor has grown to 2mm since 2004-I have had blood in my urine for some time now and fevers off/on. Skin moles/tags have grown like mushrooms. My ATCH is low-my TSH is low-I just did a 24 hour urine free cortisol test- per the nuerosurgeon Kunar at UCSF. He did not do much and was flipped like go to Boston General and have them work on you or Mayo. I am going along with his program.

I have lost all the wieght and then some-I now have Thrush (HIV)-/I really don't have and appetite but eat very healthy food, not processed-high protein balnced and drink Boost and take a prenatal vitamin (not pregnant). I do have headaches-easy brusing and red spots on body all pretty new, my menstral is pretty heavy and never was before 2005.

They don't know what to do with me. Kunar said he will do Urine test-then a test where I take a pill-then a test where they go through artery to do something-Can anyone help with what the heck is going on here. I do have pretty sever left flank pain. Kunar mention something about urine test being cancer marker and looking at adrenal area-am i up the creek here -please help.

I am not depressed-I am frustrated-I have been splintered off and not lumped. Also have seizures 2 week ago for unk. reason maybe from thrush medicine. Do have some mood swings too. They seem to want to pass you off if your not clear cut per the book to a shrink-whats the deal with that? Also how long does it take for urine test results to be in-I was close to completely filling the container-everything I drink immediately goes right through me. I have been dehydrated often at ER and blood pressure drops to 70


-Thank you so much


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