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Sierra's Story...

I am writing this story about my daughter Sierra.

She is only 5 years old and has been diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome and then now they are saying she has Pseudo Cushing's. She has been stuck more than a pin cushion and has had the 24 hour cortisol test. only two of her test showed elevated cortisol.

The doctor notified me that there is NO TREATMENT FOR MY DAUGHTER. I am very upset about this. This could ruin her life. I am desperately seeking someone, some doctor that actually cares.

My Sierra is the light of my life... the joy in my heart. I will do anything to help her feel normal. She has severe anxiety, moon face, buffalo hump, enlarged stomach, puffy eyes, headaches, fatigue, and a few more symptoms that I can't think of right now. She always ask me "Mama, when will my stomach go down"? She also wants to know why she doesn't have a little stomach like the other little girls". This just breaks my heart. She cries almost every day. I really need some direction. If anyone can help me.... where to go,.... what to do.... thanks, I will keep you updated if any changes.

Thanks Rachel Barnes, Sierra's mom

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