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Sheri's Story...

I'm 46 years of age. In early 2004 I began seeing an MD specialist in weight management because I was so frustrated that no matter what I ate and how much or little I worked out I couldn't loose an ounce. She diagnosed me with metabolic syndrome. I was working with a trainer 2x per week and on a strict diet. I was placed on all kinds of meds (metformin, lipitor, niaspan, B12, aspirin) in addition to the oral contraceptives I've taken for years. I lost about 20 pounds over a year, then couldn't loose another ounce. I maintained for about a year and then packed the pounds back on over a few months.

I'm now almost back to where I started, although my cholesterol, glucose, insulin etc. is all "perfect" now which it wasn't when I started. My triglycerides have never been normal, always elevated. I recently when to a new internist, figuring another set of eyes might make sense. We discovered that I now have elevated blood pressure (started over the past month). She tested me for Cushings. The serum cortisol came back high (40) but since I'm on OC's this might be false positive. My ACTH came back at 10, the very low end of the "normal" range for my lab.

THe 24 hour UFC is still pending, but I was sent for MRI of the pituitary and adrenals yesterday. This morning I learned that while those tests were "clear" they found a 4cm "probably adenoma" on my liver. I'm having a CT scan and biopsy for that on Monday. Based on what I've read, Cushing's isn't caused by a liver adenoma. However, since the liver metabolizes cortisol, it seems like this might all be related. Can anyone help me sort this out?

Diagnosed with metabolic syndrome Spring, 2004. Under close management for weight, glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides. Lost weight for awhile, then stopped losing about 1.5 years ago. Started to have heavy mentrual bleeding even though on OC's, breakthrough headaches, severe pain in legs and back and waking up every three hours to pee. OBGYN diagnosed a "probable fibroid" and anemia. Started on iron. Bleeding stopped. Two weeks ago I went to a new internist because I'm fed up with not feeling right and not being able to lose an ounce. She noticed my blood pressure was high (never been told this before, ever) and ordered overnight dex supression test. Came back as "5" and "2" is considered high at that lab. Ordered a 24 hour urine which the lab messed up. But the ACTH that was drawn that morning was 10 and the cortisol was 40. Some concern that oral contraceptives caused the high cortisol but ordered dynamic MRI of the pit and adrenals anyhow. Yesterday I was told they were "clear" BUT they found a probable 4 cm adenoma on my LIVER. Apparently, this is a late effect of taking oral contraceptives for years. I'm scheduled for a CT scan and liver biopsy tomorrow.

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