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Shelly's Story...

Hello Everyone,

First let me say how much I hate CUSHINGS - I know that this is a very negitive attitude, however, it has taken so much of my life, from my family my marriage, friendships, physical appearnce, self esteem, memory, actually the list is so long that those of you with CUSHINGS can fill in the blanks. Secondly I have associated the help of two songs that refer to the way I always feel - Bad Day and I'm not crazy.

I was hit with a double wammy, tumer on Adrenol glad and tumer no. 2 on kidney - surgery scheduled for Nov. 10, 2005, take out adrenal and part of kidney -can't wait. I really am positive now that I realized that I am not crazy and I am on my way to recovery.

I notice on the site that it seems that there are very few happy stories - Do we get better? My support is pain killer, ativan and my family, my sister Sam is actually going through this with me literally, she knows exactly when I am not well, and also how come we feel well sometimes and other times we feel like we are finished. I notice that sometimes a shower just drains me and my body goes into a crisis. Does this ever stop. I am faithful and beleive that I am going to get better. Soon I'll feel like the Energizer Battery..nothing will stop me.

Can't wait to be able to climb stairs, run, sleep, and most of all be happy and have a memory - I often feel really dumb. I refer to Psalm 6 alot to help me through this God is my inspiration and I beleive that he has helped me through all this pain. Keep the faith everyone because there is so much hope for us.

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