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Sheila's Story...

My 11 year old daughter has been fighting obesity since she was 5-when she was 4 she had her tonsils removed and soon after she began to gain lots of weight-her hair was beautiful and is now a course, dry mess.

We have been to several doctors one who suggested possible baby swapping as my oldest daughter is extremely petite. Went to Pediatric Endo when she was 6 he said moderately obese, put her on a diet.

We have seen a nutritionist and Shannon stayed well within fat and calorie intake. NO Weight LOSS. We joined Curves a fitness program-Not a pound or inch in 8 months lost! Shannon recently gained 44 lbs in 10 months and I was referred by a local weight loss clinic to a PA that specializes in obese children.

When we walked in her office she said she felt Shannon had PCOS or Cushing's Syndrome as she has many of the symptoms- Moon face, large abdomen, hump on back, stretch marks, sore joints and red face , also has small veins (very hard to get blood out of her-have to soak in hot water to do blood draws).

Anyway, many tests have been run- Parathyroid level real out of whack (possibly damaged during tonsillectomy-but what do I know I am just a mom)- insulin resistant, all adrenals show fine, just got 24 Cortisol results back today and Negative-Results were shown to local Endo-he suggest Precocious Puberty but not interested in the case. I am going CRAZY!!!-I just want help for my daughter!!

Shannon is very energetic, involved in Jazz dance, swims, bikes, she doesn't eat junk foods and has been on a low carb diet per PA for the past 3 weeks-NO LBS LOST!!!

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