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Sharon's Story

After almost a year and a half of testing, I was diagnosed with Cushings by my sister who saw a story on the Discovery Channel.

I had a tumor on my adrenal gland. My endocrynologyst assured me I would be cured. He failed to tell me how long it my take and that I may not every return to my old self. Within six months of having this done I was in the hospital five more times.

Most doctors knew little of nothing about Cushings I am still fighting with weight gain, heart problems, joint pain and stiffness. I am now having problems breathing and I not sure it is a side affect of the Cushings. My Endo corrected me once and told me I no longer have Cushings as I had my adrenal gland removed. In my mind, until I am well I still have it.

I think people think I am a hypocondriac. I have had evey test imaginable and they can't find anything. I am no longer taking steroids and my other gland is functioning.

I would be nice to hear from someone else who might have gone through this and had the same probems. This disease has been devistating.

I had to sell my house as I could no longer take care of it. I lost my job and my independence.

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