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Shannon C's Story...

I am a 30 year old woman who was diagnosed with Cushing's in Oct 1999. I am married with two girls ages 12 & 10.

I underwent transsphenoidal resection of my pituitary adenoma in November 1999. Approximately 4 moths later, I began to experience some same symptoms prior to the surgery.

This was a most difficult time trying to convince doctors that I was having recurrent Cushing's with normal lab testing that were slowly increasing with each test. It was also difficult trying to prove what is normal for statistics is not normal for my body as my symptoms continue to increase. I am currently seeking medical help outside of my area because of the lack of knowledge and concern.

All of my tests have finally reached the abnormal levels the sad thing is my health is worse because of the accumulated amount high cortisol and all the side affects that come with it.

My strength has come from God and my pain has been tolerable with pain medicine every day. I have developed a " just go for the ride mentality". To everyone that is on this journey, I wish you the best in all your findings and prayerfully through your struggle your heart wont be troubled and you'll find peace regardless of your situation.

Thank You for inspiring me, and Cookie for your personal insight on not being so passive and pursuing my medical condition along with spreading the knowledge.

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