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Shannon's Story

I am 35 years old and just recently got diagnosed with PCOS. I have had it all my life and just never was able to find the right Dr. Everytime, they would say, lets use Provera for a period and Clomid to ovulate.

I have a 7 year old son and a 2 year old son..neither of them were conceived with Clomid, just by the Grace of God. We are now trying for our 3rd child. My periods have always been irregular even as a young teen. I was given Provera at 19 if I remember correctly so I could have a period.

Last Feb. we moved from a small town where drs didn't really look into PCOS. I basically diagnosed myself and found a good Dr. not far from where I live now. I am now on gluoophage and having periods. We are trying Clomid this month to help the ovulating process. We're praying it won't take as long to get pregnant this time.

My story aside, I am so thankful to find this website. There are so many women/girls that go undiagnosed and since I began the glucophage back in June, I feel better than I did when I was only 18 years old!! So, thankful for you that share this knowledge with others like me. I am learning more everyday! :)

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