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Sarah S's Story...

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Scott and I am a Decorative Painter/Faux Finish artist with my own painting studio in the works residing in Wichita, Kansas.

I am currently in the process of being diagnosed as possible Cushing's Syndrome with adrenal adenoma as the cause of my hypercortisolism, which blood tests showed as positive. I get my CT scan on my adrenals in two days to confirm this, and I am awaiting results for my request for a 24 hour urine test. My doctor has been wonderful in helping me figure out why I have these symptoms and the only thing we can figure out is the strong possibility of Cushing's Syndrome.

I developed the sudden weight gain and appearance of the "buffalo hump" in the Fall of 1994, and have fluctuated between 230 and 240 in the last 4 years. I have had two parathyroidectomies (Jan 1991 and Nov 2000) for treatment of excess calcium output and the adenomas were removed. The second parathyroidectomy ended up being a transplant of my last remaining parathyroid into my left forearm.

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In July of 2001, my mother and I went to Las Vegas, where I suddenly started experiencing toxic reactions to my Synthroid 125mcg medicine (which I took for 6 years with no complications) and I got sick. We came home and I went off my Synthroid completely for 3 1/2 months, during which period I became hypothyroid and took to my bed. Since then, I have suffered muscle weakness, mood swings, hot flushing in upper head, neck and shoulders, slight depression, and extreme panic attacks. The doctor put me back on Armour Thyroid 15mg, and I cannot even take the full dosage due to the reactions of heat flushes.

Someone on the Thyroid boards suggested that I have my adrenals checked for possible adrenal fatigue and after a plasma cortisol test, my doctor discovered that I had hypercortisolism, which he explained was the reason for my buffalo hump and weight gain and thinning hair. He said that he did not think I had "full Cushing's Syndrome, but there is a possibility" and ordered a CT scan to be done on my adrenals to look for an adenoma growth, since I am susceptible to benign growths. I called this morning for a 24 hr Urine test for more diagnosis and I hope he does this for me. This will ease my mind and will put a "name" to the things I am suffering.

My poor Mom! LOL. I have not developed the full "moon face", but my neck is thickened and my face is rounded. I have the straie (light pink now) around my abdomen and breasts and I have very small arms and legs. My wrists, forearms, lower legs and ankles are very small, which alerted me to the possibility of Cushing's Syndrome, for my weight distribution is not proportionate. I hope to meet others for email exchange and AIM chats and I look forward to learning more about this terrible disease. I plan on setting up a Cushing's Syndrome Support Group here in Wichita, Kansas, for we do not have one as of yet. Even if I am not diagnosed officially as Cushing's, (but I think I will be!) I still feel that Cushing's Syndrome Awareness should be raised for the public consensus to know about. I hope this will educate more people about this, for I am hoping that in my personal case, it will stop it in its tracks if it is indeed Cushing's Syndrome that my body is suffering.

May God bless and be with you!! Feel free to email me at or get me as NefriHatshepsut on AIM!

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