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Sarah's Story

My name is Sarah. I'm 23 and have been sick for a little over three years now.

Right now I'm going through a Cushing's workup as my endocrinologist thinks I have cyclical cushing's. So far, I have had one high reading and all of the rest have been critically low. It's frustrating. On low days, I am tired, nauseated, dizzy, and in pain...or maybe that's on high days...I'm not sure. The other days, I am wired for only about half the day.

I have just recently started to have panic attacks in crowded areas and have a little paranoia. It's scary! I wish they would just diagnose me.

They found a 4mm pituitary tumor, but I guess that's not enough. Oh and one more thing, my left side of my face has started to droop for an hour or two and then gets better...anyone had this before? I'm an RN and am sure I'm not stroking, all my other grips, pushes, pulls, and symmetry are correct.

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