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Sarah's Story...


I have been to many doctor's over the last 6 years trying to find out what is wrong with me. Very gradually I started feeling tired and weak. Then I started gaining weight. Mainly in my abdominal area. I worked out regularly and watched what I ate. I went to Weight Watchers. Then I started eating all organic food, no sugar, very little carbs. I tried everything and only to keep gaining weight. I ached and started to get hyperpigmentation on my elbows and feet and knees. My periods stopped and I was told I was going thru early menopause. I was irritable, depressed, frustrated and started having anxiety and panic attacks. All the doctors told me I was just getting older and these are the things I will have to live with.

Then I went to a doctor that sent me for extensive blood tests. He told me my cortisol lever was high. Then I went for more and he told me my ACTH level was high. He sent me for a MRI and a chest x-ray. They both came back normal. So he said I was fine. Then about 8 months ago I went to a new doctor for a routine blood pressure check. (My old doctor was out that day). I just mentioned to him about all of my problems and said I gave up trying to figure it out. He took and interest and sent me for tests. My blood sugar was high also and my cortisol and ACTH was still high. He sent me to an Endocrinologist. She gave me many tests. 24 hour urine, saliva, dexa. supprestent, and sent me for a contrast MRI. Well, I just went Saturday for the results and I was diagnosed with a 0.5 cm microadenoma in my pituitary gland. Now I have to go to a specialist to find out what has to be done. I am so scared and worried about this.

I knew nothing about Cushings until I went on the internet and have been reading about it. It really has me worried. I was happy to find and see that there are others that know what this is like.

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