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Sarah's Story

I am from U.A.E. I'm a 37 year old lady, my story can be briefed as follows:

When I was 15, I used to have a very severe allergy, sneezing day and night, so I was prescribed anti histamine medicines for years. I really suffered a lot, in a way that I tried all kinds of anti allergy medicines, but I think I had paid a very high price. Most of these drugs contained a little amount of cortisol, and using them for a long period of time had affected all my body.

Then at the age of 22, I realized that my period wasn't ok. I used to have high blood pressure, 170/10. but it never came to my mind that it was the beginning of hormones disorders. and no doctor asked me to do hormone tests to find out what was wrong with me. Then my weight started to increase slowly. And acnes were covering my body (face, back) also another thing was that I couldn't stand the sun rays, as I stayed all day itching.

After that I started to realize that my heart beatings weren't working properly. there was a kind of irregularities in heart beats. It was Extra Systole. oh my God.

I spent horrible days with Extra Systole. Most of my family members used to tell me that there were some changes my outward appearances. moon face. obesity. although I was on a very strict diet, it was useless.

Then 2 years ago my period disappeared. and was about to lose my sight. I can say that I used to visit my eye's doctor every 3 days. and no one could tell me what was wrong with my eyes. I felt that I couldn't stand living without my eyeglasses.

Another great thing happened to me. And it was that I felt that I was mentally ill. I was so depressed. I no longer had a friend. What I most wanted to do was to sit alone. I hated my life. My parents were so sad. They daily took me to a doctor. Then one day I bought a medical magazine and read an article written by an endocrinologist . He was talking about the same symptoms of mine. So I intended to go. Ithink God did inspired me to have a look at that magazine just to lead me to the right path. So I went to him with my sister. And when he looked at me and at my neck, he said Buffalo neck should be cut. I raised my head and asked him "Why"? He said: I think you have a tumor. A gland tumor. And he asked me to do CT scan for my adrenal glands.

And I did many blood tests. Then for my surprise, I came to know that my corisol level was 700. Oh my God. And Testosterone and Prolactine hormones were so high. Everything was abnormal in my body. Then the result of the Ct scan was a big tumor in my right adrenal gland. At that time I was just like a barrel,with moon face and thin extremities. A very big tummy decorated with pink lines. Wow such an appearance.

So my doctor warned that I should do adrenalectomy as soon as possible. My life was at risk. And I did it. Yes I did it. And again after the surgical operation I suffered a lot as my cortisol level was so low. I was prescribed cortisol tablets for a period of time. And now I can tell you that I am much much better that before, but the recovery is very slow. Slowly but surely. Many thanks to my dear doctor and to my family and friends who stood beside me during my ordeal. If anybody would like to ask any question I am ready to answer with pleasure.

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