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Sandy's Story

Where to start... I have had something wrong with me for a while. I am adopted and have NO one blood related.

At six years old started with migraines. 10 started period and bad acne. About 13 the ashma came along.

16 had course black chin hair. Bad menstral heavy accompanied with severe migraine's. A horrible time and pain with sinus's. I just wanted to die the pain was so severe.

By 18 my teeth were getting really bad with decay even though I went to the dentist and orthodonist all the time. The hair male hair growth was getting worse. It was on my buttocks,chin,bikini area and abroad. My head hair was looking dry and brittle and so were my nails. Neither would really grow.

When I was in my late 20's I had an ovarian cyst rupture. I was beginning to stay out of work alot due to migraines, sinus's, and fatigue, and I truely loved my job. I got suspended and investigated for being out of work so much,I was in Law Enforcement and was told I was laying out for reasons other than being sick??? WRONG! Had an MRI the week before I was suspended.

While out on suspention MRI results came back and I needed emergency full sinus surgery due to 90% blockage. I had to be medicated for a migraine before I could be medicated for sinus surgery. Even after surgery I has horrible sinus problems with migraine's.

In my early 30's I had to have what teeth I had left pulled and many root canals for crowns to hold my bridges in. By the time I was in my mid 30's I was told I needed a DNC that didn't work so I was told I needed a hysterectomy due to fybroid's and also was told my ovaries were no longer producing hormones and I had a thick uterus. My blood count was low I had been bleeding for so long. I also missed alot of work at this time I was working for a hospital.

When I came back from surgery I was fired. I have had migraines,cronic sinus problems,high blood pressure,breast surgery due to bloody discharge and a tree like growth removed. No cancer. In the last three years hands break out in a horrible rash and blisters,I was feeling so bad I could not get out of bed but for short periods and could not concentrate, fell asleep driving was diagnoised with hypothyroidism.

My doc is old and he doesn't use the new levels he uses the old levels. Now there is a hard knot in my back on the left side at the level of my adrenal galnd my doc feels it and says I feel that. Nothing done. I have muscle weakness weight gain and everything that is associated with cushing's. The way I found this out was after my doc told me he was going to send me to the mental hospital I was affended so I got on-line and went to ask a question and someone told me I had the sam symptoms as they do and they hoped that it wasn't so. That person sent me all kinds of links and I am educating myself to the fullest.

The really scary part is I have no insurance and have not worked for five years. I can't even afford to change doctors. I have a life that most of the time consist of the home I am lucky enough to share with a friend who is like a sister and she supports me as best she can. I am inbarrassed to go out in public as I use to be considered beautiful. Now I have the weird shaped face, the weird shaped body,the fatigue,etc. I always get told at the doctors office to get busy and loose the weight! He tested me for PCOS ans said it is neg. ??? and that my thyroid is normal @ 4.56.

I hope I can help others in some way. I want to thank everyone on this site and I will pray for us all. I hope oneday I am diagnosed for my childrens sake and my grandchildren. Everyone here take care and give yourselves a big hug from me.

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