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Sandy's Story...

Hello Everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome in Feb 2005. I have been living with Chrons for about 10 years. I had a bowel resection in 2002, and at that time part of my colon, my gallbladder and appendix was removed as well. But the strange thing was I never stopped having pain on my lower left adonmen. Since March of 2004 I have been in and out of the hospital for Pain and vomiting. My potassium was dangerous low and the ECG results was not so good, luckily the doctor on call decided to send me for at CT.

The CT showed an adrenal mass on my left side. I have no left kidney and my right kidney had stones. I also have a tumor on the outside of my skull.

They triggered a number of test, over and over again. To make a long story short, I am scheduled for surgery on April 12 (2005) to remove the left adrenal and mass. I am concern. I have been off work since Oct 2004 and I am so frustrated and depressed. I go 3 times a week for blood work to keep a handle on my potassium level which stays consistantly around the 2.7. The keep it at that level in have to take 12 tablespoons of liquid potassium daily. Needless to say this does not help my bowel situation at all.

I am a 49 year old female. My occupation is Human Resource Specialist/ Health and Safety Supervisor. My commute to work is over. I was getting so tired that all I could do on Saturdays was sleep my entire day away, and hated myself for it. Now I feel like just a "sick person at home". I know that is stinkin' thinkin' but I can't seem to accept the fact that I am ill to the point where I cannot work. I know I have to have the operation but I am scared to go through another major operation.

I have many of the symptoms of Cushings.

I am glad I found this web site. I am very excited to share stories and just knowing others know what I am going through - helps! Thank you for letting me, be a part of this group.

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