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Sandra's Story

I am actually trying to get a diagnosis for my 12 year old daughter, she has always had EXTREME weight gains (around the abdomen).This seems to happen about every 30 days or so, when the weight gain occurs her face is swollen and her cheeks are bright red (she becomes almost unrecognizable). She is now covered with stretch marks. Every doctor has told me she just eats to much!!!!!! Mothers instinct has always told me something is wrong.

I saw a show about cushings on mystery diagnosis, and it was like someone was telling our story. Our endo said although she presents like she has cushings all tests are coming back normal. We had a 1 dose dex test, (dr said cortisol levels were normal) I don't really feel this is a good indicator for cushings.

She recently had hip surgery for slipped capital femoral epipysis (sfce) , this has been know to be directly related to endo problems (including cushings). It breaks my heart to hear doctors tell a 12 year old girl to lay off the McDonalds, even the endo said she just eats to much, and it's unfortunate that her face becomes swollen and so red (it must be the heat she said).

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