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Sandra's Story...

I recently read an article in Reader's Digest and was so surprised to be reading about me. Actually, it was not about me personally, but the symptoms were mine and the diagnosis was Cushing’s.

I am 53,. At the age of 27 I had premature ovarian failure. Shortly thereafter I developed hypothyroidism. Then around 40 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Now over the past 5 years my weight has significantly increased. I have always been very hypotensive and all of a sudden 6 months ago I developed severe hypertension and at the same time my hair began falling out like you would not believe. My face has developed a redness and almost an irritation over cheeks, chin and mid forehead. And over the past few months little fat pads over my cheeks have developed. I bruise easily and I am now having trouble expressing myself verbally. I have blurred vision when I am tired.

I have had balance issues off and on over the past 10-15 years with migraines. I have had several MRIs and the one I had last year showed some small plaque…but were not those seen in MS…due to have another MRI soon.

Insomnia and fatigue have been a part of my life for years.

I am a healthcare consultant and travel almost weekly, which is getting more difficult.

I have an appointment next week with my physician. Do I have Cushing’s? I have no idea, but strongly feel it is a possibility. However, I have great hope that he will find I do not have Cushing’s…not a diagnosis any of us want. But if it is so…then I will need you guys to walk with me through this journey.


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